10 Rarest and most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh cards Ever!!

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This is a look at the most expensive and rarest yugioh cards of all time!! (Figures are Estimates from a number of online sources and my own opinion) Don’t Forget to Punch that like Button and leave a comment if you enjoyed! 😀 Also, Follow me on Twitter to know when videos come out!! 😀

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  1. I have Japanese DMG and also Crush Card Virus. I also used to have number 2 as well but my clumsy+retarded ass lost it. I also remember when all of my Exodia pieces disappeared ehh

  2. bro, majority of these values are completely wrong. you should really do your research before you make videos on factual price parameters. Your #3 is the 2001 T3 1st prize winner Alternate Artwork BEUD. It is also a one of a kind. The owner has gotten offers of 50k+ and the other two cards have gotten similar offers, but have never been sold, so the prices are only speculatory

  3. BY 10 mill u mean in japenese money right?(around 100k in US dollars) CUZ THERE IS NO WAY A CARD IS 10 million dollars or is anybody gonna buy that, AND the ultimate dragons price is 5k not 500k(around 5k in US dollars), the ultimate dragons price u said was probably in Japanese too.

  4. i have a japanese dark magician girl or black mgician girl (: i have bought it when i was in a trip to japan at the time and i didnt knew the rarity of it until now and now i know i have a very rare card in my hand in in brand new condition

  5. I have number 9 in English and different art I have Slifer the Sky Dragon 1st Edition Golden Secret Rare is that rare?

  6. Tyler the great warrior is priceless mabey to the guy it was given to cuz it was given to that specific person as a gift from KONAMI and made specificly for him but id not price it anywhere near 10M as it was only given to the guy. The most rare card is The championship jap. Black Luster Soldier no doubt

  7. Watched this video > found a blue eyes ultimate dragon that was like shiny n shit looked it up on a site and it said "doesnt even exist probably worth 1-2 million" >>> goes on ebay >>> 6$ my life is ruined

  8. NEVER dude, NEVER 50 million dollars. There have been made offers to Tyler, the kid who owns #1 of about 8k$. Also Black Luster Soldier is rated at around 5k$.

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