Card Collecting : What Is the Most Expensive Pokemon Card?

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The most expensive and popular Pokemon card on the market is the Charizard card, which can be priced as high as $125. Learn how low demand for Pokemon cards brings the price down with tips from the owner and operator of a card shop in this free video on collecting Pokemon cards.

Expert: Walter Case
Bio: Walt Case is the owner and operator of Card Traders in Austin, Texas.
Filmmaker: Todd Green

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  1. As a fellow (Pokemon) card collector I to have done much research funding out valuable Pokemon cards for months.My study's have shown that the rare original base set Charizard card and remake Charizard card are a few of the most rare Pokemon cards.Recently of just a few short months ago I have browsed a not to far away card store.I asked to see their cards so they showed me a binder that contained all cards available to sell.Then out of no where I see the original Charizard remake card,and purchased it for only…drum role please………………..………………… $13 !!! Thank you for your time.

  2. Wrong the most valuable card is the pikachu illustrator card only 4 are known to exist they are worth 10,000+ so you just got DEBUNKED

  3. actually the rarest card is pre release raichu only 4 were made and 1 is lost so only 3 remain and 2 in mint form there priced from 10,000 – 100,000

  4. The rarest card is the pikachu illustrator card. Only 6 were made. 1 was destroyed, 1 was on ebay, 2 aren't know ( probably in a private collection ) and the pokeblog has one.

  5. The pikachu Illustrator card card is the rarest and most expensive in the world (worth more than 20,000 dollers if I didn't puter too much or too less 0)

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